Terms and Conditions

1. Warranty is limited to manufacturing defects only.
2. Warranty does not cover damage, fault, failure or malfunction due to external causes, including accident, abuse, misuse, non-usage for long duration, problems with electrical power, short-circuit, physical damage, liquid damage, product disassembled, usage and/or storage and/or installation not in accordance with Product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, normal wear and tear, act of God, fire, flood, war, act of violence or any similar occurrence, products with missing or altered Service Tags or serial numbers, any attempt by any person other than Viann Zone 360° personnel to adjust, repair, upgrade and/or downgrade operating system or support the Products, problems caused by use of inferior parts and components, damage to laptop battery due to overcharging.
3. The manufacturer does not warrant that the use or operation of Internal and/or External Hard Disk, Internal and/or External SSD, Pen Drive, SD Card will be error free, nor does it warrant that any data stored on the product will remain accessible or uncorrupted. To protect against accidental data loss, back up your data frequently on multiple types of storage media.
4. In absence of Invoice, warranty will be void.
5. Products under warranty are covered by carry-in-warranty and will take maximum 30 days for repair or replacement.
6. Replacement is valid only for products with manufacturing defect under warranty, no replacement applicable for products in absence of manufacturing defect.
7. Warranty on all products is provided by their respective service centers.
8. No warranty on software and software related issues.
9. Gadgets and/or Accessories free with laptop and/or desktop, free gifts, freebies, donations are not covered by warranty.
10. Viann Zone 360° recommends usage of only original and/or branded parts and accessories, Viann Zone 360° is not liable for issues arising due to usage of inferior and/or unbranded parts and accessories.
11. For Laptop Battery Calibration after installing a new battery it should be completely discharged to 0% till the laptop shuts down and then charged to 100% and then again let it drain to 0% till the laptop shuts down, this is the procedure to calibrate the new laptop battery as per the laptop settings, if battery calibration is not performed it will display inaccurate percentage of charge and discharge, this procedure completion is the responsibility of the client.
12. During formatting and reinstallation of operating system, if backup has to be taken by Viann Zone 360°, then it should be informed in advance by client, if the client fails to inform, the hard disk will be formatted without any intimation to client and Viann Zone 360° is not responsible for the data loss.
13. In event of, failing Hard Disk and/or low hard disk health and/or Virus infection, backup of entire data is not assured.
14. Gadgets with dead Motherboard or dead Graphic Card or not Powering On or Shutting down continuously or without and/ or corrupted Hard Disk and/ or Operating System, if after repair or replacement, found with any other defective part and/or parts then, Viann Zone 360° is not liable for its repair and/or replacement.
15. Replacement and or Repair of the computer part and/or parts and the time taken for the completion of the procedure, is subject to availability of part and/or parts.
16. The replaced defective part if required by the client, then they should inform Viann Zone 360° in advance, otherwise the replaced defective part or replaced defective parts will be discarded by Viann Zone 360°, without any intimation to client.
17. Repaired Products and/ or Products given for repair, if not collected within 30 days, then Viann Zone 360° is not responsible.
18. Laptop and/or Desktop purchased New and/or Second Hand and/or repaired and/ or parts replaced and/or operating system upgraded or downgraded and/ or software installation done by Viann Zone 360° have to be used at least once in a week for a minimum of one-hour duration, issues arising as a result of non-usage of laptop and/or desktop is not covered under warranty.
19. Goods once sold will not be taken back.
20. For repair and/or replacement and/or for purchase of new product on order and/or parts for purchase the client has to make full payment in advance.
21. If incase, refund is to be processed, the amount for credit, will be processed through the same mode, through which the client payment was received.
22. If the mode of credit is NEFT, the transfer of credit amount will complete in three hours from the time of receiving the bank details from the client, except for, there will be no transfer of credit amount if bank details is received from client on 2nd & 4th Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, and after 18:00 hrs., then transfer of the credit amount will take place on the next working day in next three hours from 11:00 hrs.
23. Home visit is only for Desktop, but if the desktop requires any repair and/or replacement and/ or servicing it shall be undertaken at the office of Viann Zone 360°.
24. Prices and availability of products are subject to change without any prior notification.
25. Repair and/or Replacement and/or Software installation and/or Operating System installation will be done only after thorough Health Analysis of the Laptop and/or Desktop, in absence of consent from the client to carry on Health Analysis, no work shall be undertaken by Viann Zone 360°.
26. In Health Analysis Report, the findings and course of rectification concluded is based on preliminary examination, but not be treated as the final course of action.
27. The purpose of Health Analysis report is to assess the physical status of the laptop and/ or desktop based on its past repairs and/or replacement and/or upgradation or down gradation whether hardware and/ or software related, facts hidden, may inversely result in misdiagnosis and Viann Zone 360° is not liable for issues arising due to misinterpretation of facts by the client.
28. The Laptop and/or Desktop which is dead and/or frail condition and/or in a state unable to undertake health analysis will be repaired and/or software installation and/or operating system upgraded or downgraded at the risk of the customer, he/she will be explained briefly the risks involved and only with the consent of the client, Viann Zone 360° will go ahead, if any other parts are found to be not working after completion of the task performed and/or any other part/ parts stops working after few days then Viann Zone 360° is not to be held responsible.
29. If Laptop and/or Desktop with issues related to software and/or hardware is treated as per the instructions of the client and not as per the diagnosis provided by Viann Zone 360°, then Viann Zone 360° is not responsible for unresolved issues and/or any other new issues arising after completion of the task.
30. Many of the products contains small parts that could present a choking hazard. Not intended for children under 3 years of age.
31. Payment Term, Due on Receipt of Invoice.
32. Any dispute and/or differences and complaints will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only.

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